At your first appointment, Stephen will spend the first few minutes asking you questions about your presenting complaint and how it is affecting you. He will also ask you about any accidents/injuries you may have had as well as a few questions about your medical history including any medications you are taking. If possible please bring a list of any prescribed medication with you.

Stephen will then perform an examination including an assessment of your posture, spinal and limb movements as well as any special testing that may be needed to reach a diagnosis, for example taking your blood pressure or checking your reflexes. For this you may be asked to undress to your underwear. If you prefer thin, loose fitting clothing is fine.

Following examination, Stephen will explain his findings and explain to you the diagnosis and proposed treatment. If you are happy with what has been explained to you, Stephen will then proceed with treatment and give you any advice he feels will help bring about the best improvement of your symptoms.

Subsequent appointments.

Any follow up appointments that may be required will consist of a brief review of your progress followed by treatment.


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